Why learn from Evolution Hypnosis?


In a short answer… because we want to offer the best of the best Trainings and Events in hypnosis … This is what motivates us to create new ways of looking at hypnotic phenomena, both based on recent scientific discoveries about how the human brain really works, but also supported by the Art of Performing Hypnosis, because both are interconnected. This is what Evolution Hypnosis® offers you, because you deserve excellence and we want nothing less for you. At Evolution Hypnosis®, we want to take hypnosis to the next level, so that you can embrace a personal journey of self-development while learning to master it … but also ensuring that you become a more confident and inspiring person. . You will learn to master the art of performing hypnosis in your daily life, communicating in a persuasive and influential way with others.


EVOLUTION HYPNOSIS® creator and mentor, MÁRIO LIMA, presents his creative and surprising lecture: “Creating your own hypnotic repertoire” from 12 to 14 November 2021 at the UK HYPNOSIS CONVENTION.
So, let’s meet! Let’s CONNECT and discover how you can to improve your hypnosis skills.

Another event with Mário Lima will take place at the Brasilian Hypnosis Convention Hipnoday. The language of the lecture is Portuguese, but there will be simultaneous translation to English!
Discover how hypnosis can become a lifestyle!
You cannot miss this event on June 4th!

We are very excited to see you there!