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Our mission is to create innovative Hypnosis Courses and Products, as well as help individuals to master mental performance and inner game.
Mário Lima

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Welcome to Evolution Hypnosis World!

Evolution Hypnosis was founded by Master Hypnotist & Certified Trainer Mário Lima, specialist in Hypnosis and Self Development for more than 20 years. Has several guest appearences in press articles, TV Shows and Hypnosis Conferences.

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We provide innovative training in Hypnosis for you to master all the resources you need to become a great hypnotist.

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Book an Hypnosis Consult if there is some issue you want to adress like a mental block ou personal limitation, that its preventing you from being a happier person or an acomplished hypnotist

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Browse our store and click and buy hypnosis products that cal help you achive personal goals and well being
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If you are looking for a Course to develop skills as a Hypnotist or therapist, enjoy discovering our Hypnosis training offer.
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UKHC’23 | Tailor-Fit Hypnosis to Suit Your Clients
UKHC’23 | Tailor-Fit Hypnosis to Suit Your Clients

One of the most prestigious Hypnosis Conferences is just a few weeks away… Less than a month away! And you…

2022 | UK Hypnosis Convention
2022 | UK Hypnosis Convention

And we are back to live in-person events…the biggest UK’s Hypnosis Conference is just a few weeks away… Truly inspiring…

2021 Hypnobiz Expo & Festival
2021 Hypnobiz Expo & Festival

The 2021 Hypnobiz Online Expo & Festival was promoted by the Creator and Mentor of Hypnobiz NY Hypnosis Conference, Selena…


What People Say About Me

This course is a change in people’s lives, not only it gives us the tools that we need to exercise this change in people’s lives but also we end up changing ourselves. It is an extremely useful therapeutic tool, a complement to all areas in a person’s life.

João Gregório

João Gregório

I feel it was transformative. I think it was the best investment in myself and in humanity that I have ever made.
Dr. Mário elevates us and makes us believe that we have as much potential as he does.

Rita Barros

Rita Barros

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