What can you say about Hypnothoughts Live Hypnosis Conference? It’s a fantastic event and a great atmosphere of shared learning and good spirits. Hosted annually, in 2018 Evolution Hypnosis founder, Mário Lima debuted an interesting lecture, co-taught with Adolfo Carvalho entitled “DUAL VOICE HYPNOSIS”.

Dual Voice Hypnosis is the art of using syncronized dual voice patterns, in order to provide optimal suggestive influence channels in the subconscious mind. This technique uses hypnotic language in such profound way that can make even unresponsive people to hypnotic suggestion respond very well to the hypnotic effect on influence and change work. This creative approach is a technology that can be fun, used in a variety of situations, such as therapy, stage, street hypnosis or conversational influence in the daily life routine, and can enhance the opportunity of teamwork with a fellow hypnotist and the reunion between professionals in hypnosis.

We thank all people staff and people involved. To be remembered.

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