This event was founded by Selena Dorsey, an inspirational hypnotherapist and human being who we thank for inviting Mário Lima, Founder of Evolution Hypnosis and co-teacher Adolfo Carvalho to speak at 2019 | Hypnobiz Conference, in the heart of New York.

This amazing event is a unique high-impact Hypnosis Event hosted in New Jersey, New York focused on connecting a network of Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists, with lectures provided by some of the most accomplished professionals in the field.

The event is all about powerful growth, self development and there is also the aspect of the Hypnotherapy business development.

Evolution Hypnosis lecture, was about the state of the art in hypnosis “DUAL VOICE HYPNOSIS” system and technique that you can share with a fellow hypnotist, so that both can work at the same time with clients.

It was such a great performance!

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