One of the most prestigious Hypnosis Conferences is just a few weeks away… Less than a month away! And you can’t lose the UKHC | UK Hypnosis Convention 2023!

A truly inspiring event that has a unique combination in its panel of speakers, of both Prestigious Academic Investigators, and also world-class hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

Along with the big names in hypnosis, Master Hypnotist Mário Lima, Founder of Evolution Hypnosis, will perform a lecture entitled “Tailor-Fit Hypnosis to Suit Your Clients”.

More than 60 names are confirmed for lectures and workshops at this highest value convention.

The idea behind this lecture is to discover how tailor-made hypnosis can best serve your clients, and you will learn how to spot unique psychological personality traits, which will help you to adapt your style of hypnosis so that you can skyrocket your success rate.

If you want to be a top hypnosis professional, you can’t miss this talk.

It’s going to be awesome… You’re all invited!

Don’t Forget… Save the date!

Saturday, November 11th – 15:30h

Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel